History Book and Photography
A project in which we took photos on a DSLR, editing them in Photoshop, included them in a book dust jacket and chapter pages, and did the typesetting for a table of contents and two chapters.
This project required use of a DSLR camera to take photos for use in a dust jacket and
chapter images within a book, Foto: Modernity in Central Europe.
This dust-jacket design reflects the modernistic ideals of finding new and
alien ways of looking at things; a fresh perspective on photography, where photographers
further explored and experimented within the darkroom.
The photos included in this project are imitating darkroom techniques such as infrared
black and white, cross-processing, and bleach bypass, all via Adobe Photoshop.
Inner pages layout example - Chapter beginning
Inner pages layout example
Black & white, film grain, double exposure, dodging.
Cross-processing, film grain.
Bleach bypass, film grain.
Cross-processing, film grain.
The photos up till this point were taken on a Canon DSLR in Brisbane, Australia, 2013.
The following photos were taken on a digital point & shoot camera in Croatia, 2006.
All have been edited in Adobe Photoshop to mimic Modernist era darkroom photography techniques.
Cross-processing, film grain.
Cross-processing, film grain.
Cross-processing, film grain.
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